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airseat for child
Airbag Inflated

AIRSEAT: The airbag that protects your child while cycling.

An airbag to hang on your child bike seat to protect your child in case of fall or accident.


Airbag Inflated

Airseat is easy to install on any child bike seat.

You only need to pull over the hood at the top of the seat and adjust the straps under the seat.


Airseat integrates Helite Airbag Technology.

The airbag is integrated into the hood.

A Co2 cartridge inflates the airbag and can be easily changed by yourself.

A system 100% reusable by yourself after an inflation.

An electronic CDU sensor that follows motion in context, analyzes the movement more than 1000 times per second and detects shocks and accidents.

Airbag Inflated

Airseat uses the SDU sensor from B’Safe.

The SDU sensor is installed under the bike seat and detects shocks on the bike.

Fast and autonomous detection, even at standstill.


Airseat ensures an optimal protection for your child.

In the event of a fall or an accident, the airbag inflates automatically and creates a kind of “cocoon” around the child.

Fast inflation: around 80 ms

Unique airbag shape for an optimal protection of vital zones from the head to the knee of the child.

Protects even at standstill





Protect your most precious ones


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