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how it works
GIF how it works


Algorithm set up:

Our team of engineers has recorded thousands of data and simulated hundred of falls to develop the best algorithm able to distinguish normal cycling from an accident.

Sensors description:

– CDU sensor: located inside the vest, which analyzes the cyclist’s motion in context (using a set of GPS, gyroscope and accelerometer).
– Saddle sensor: located under the saddle, which detects shocks.
When a shock or an abnormal move is detected, both sensors communicate and analyze the situation.

If a fall or an accident is detected, the system triggers the airbag to protect the cyclist before the impact.

Airbag Inflated


The vest ensures an optimal protection to 3 vital parts of the body: the thorax, the back and the neck.

The airbag is made of strong nylon fabric which is very resistant and won’t rip after inflation.

After each inflation, the airbag automatically deflates slowly and can be used again.



The vest is really easy to use.

To activate the system: wear the vest above your clothes and close the zipper. A green LED is activated and indicates that the system is ON.

To turn off the system: unzip and remove the vest.



The device is 100% autonomous.
No cable is required to connect the device to the bike.

Battery autonomy:

The vest: 7 days
The saddle sensor: Up to 5 years
(once installed under the saddle you don’t need to charge it anymore)

After each inflation, the airbag automatically deflates slowly and can be used again.



Our designers worked on different styles all focusing on safety, comfort, ease of use and stylish aesthetics for modern urban cyclists.
«The challenge was to design a vest that looks like a conventional stylish riding vest while incorporation all the technical features in its shell».

They came up with 2 models:
– One black ( that blends well with most clothing styles)
– One yellow ( Hi-vis style for more safety).

Comfort was one of our priorities. We used light, breathable and ultra resistant and technical fabrics.



Safety is our priority.

That ‘s why both models have highly reflective stripes to be seen at night or in gloomy weather.

For more visibility and safety, we recommend to use the yellow color (High-Visibility style), very noticeable in an urban traffic environment.



The vest is reusable after each fall, you only need to change the CO2 cartridge to reuse it.

After an inflation, the airbag automatically deflates slowly.

The CO2 cartridge is located on the right size of the vest inside the pocket.

Removing and changing the cartridge is really easy and fast.



The device is CE certified as a PPE level 2.



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